Neurological conditions

Repairing Brain Tissue After Stroke with HBOT

It is widely thought that once an area of the brain is damaged by stroke, nothing can restore function. However, there are areas of the brain which may be salvaged by hyperbaric oxygen therapy. HBOT has been proven to enhance the metabolism of “idling nerve cells” and surrounding areas of salvageable brain tissue.


Hyperbaric oxygen therapy treatments for stroke have been known to:

1. Fight infection

HBOT provides 100% pure oxygen to a patient. A fully-oxygenated body will kill off anaerobic bacteria and can enhance the effectiveness of some antibiotics.

2. Oxygenate ischemic tissue

Breathing the pressurized pure oxygen provided by hyperbaric chambers helps dissolve more O2 into your body, which is delivered to your body by plasma. Thus, parts of your body that are not getting sufficient amounts of blood are still getting sufficient amounts of oxygen.

3. Eliminate toxic gases

By breathing 100% oxygen under hyperbaric pressure, toxic gases like carbon monoxide are forced out of the blood stream.

4. Promote vasculogenesis and angiogenesis

5. Help patients regain neurological function

HBOT treatment stimulates blood flow, metabolism, and tissue growth in people with brain injuries. For greater restoration, hyperbaric treatments reawaken dormant but living cells surrounding the injured area.